Back to School - Dress for Success

Posted by Cindy Solgere on 8/14/2019
Back to School - Dress for Success

Hello friends,

I always have mixed emotions when it comes to back to school. I'm sad to leave summer behind, and especially sad this year to see one of my babies off to college, but I also recognize it as a time for growth and new opportunities. 

What are you going to challenge yourself to accomplish this school year? Or what are you hoping to improve upon? I find that the beginning of the school year is a great time to set goals for yourself and get into a routine that allows you to achieve them. 

There are many different faces of back to school. You're either the student, the parent of a student, or, like me, you're entering into a new year of teaching. No matter what your role is, back to school is a time to start fresh and make things happen. 

Having our own unique style gives us the confidence to boldly embrace this time of year.  You know what they say, "Dress for Success".  

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I wish you all the best in the upcoming school year!