Seaside Pearls Mimi Ancient Coin Pearl and Leather Bracelet
Seaside Pearls Mimi Ancient Coin Pearl and Leather Bracelet

Mimi Bracelet

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Ancient Sung Dynasty Coin with 10mm freshwater pearls and turquoise beads on leather cord with pearl closure. The Sung Dynasty Coins were struck in the 11th Century during the Chinese Sung Dynasty (960 A.D. to 1279 A.D.), thus the coins name. They were the main currency of Chinese people until Ghengis Khan and the Mongols ravaged the countryside. The coins were developed from bronze with a square hole to string them together creating ease to carry the coins to market to trade for goods. The calligraphy on the coin is very precise, identifying both the ruler and the region where each coin was struck. Most of these coins were buried to avoid confiscation from the enemy during war years. These coins are in good condition considering they were buried for hundreds of years. The deposits of Patina only add to the character of these ancient relics of history. They are as close to buried treasure as you will find today.

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